Early flight to catch the next morning? Or returning home from a trip abroad? Booking a taxi just might be a necessity, considering the distance and if no favors or inconveniences are warranted from friends and family. The airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore have not gotten any nearer nor are the buses convenient for late night and early morning flights (not to forget they are limited to a fixed destination not home).

Booking a cab is as easy as calling the cab company, holding till the customer service representative responds, giving them the details , explaining the directions,  getting the booking confirmation number. This process believe it or not takes around five minutes at least. The customer service representatives are polite and good to talk to but doing this for say ten different destinations for different people can be a chore and not to forget there is a possibility of a mistake in the data. Sure there is a confirmation text message delivered almost immediately to the phone but the booking process just got a lot easier thanks to the many internet booking options available.